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I didn’t set out with the intention of creating another tradition. I was just doing what the teacher inside of me always does. I pull thematic books to match the season or holiday and put them into a basket in the living room.

When it came time for Christmas decorating this year, our youngest, who had only celebrated one Christmas with us, kept asking, “Christmas books, now? Christmas books, now?” I had no idea this routine had become a treasured memory from the previous year.

Once the tree was up and the boxes cleared, I sent the girls downstairs to gather every Christmas book they could find. They were so excited. They searched the shelves, each looking for their favorite.

IMG_3616-2017-12-5-07-12.jpg IMG_3617-2017-12-5-07-12.jpg

Now the basket is filled with books and is lovingly searched through daily. And every night, we choose a different story to read together. Who knew something so simple could create such special moments in the hearts of my children.


In a season where we often over extend ourselves physically, emotionally, and financially, it is good to remember that kids can and will enjoy simple celebrations if we let them.

This new “tradition” of Christmas books has brought unexpected joy and simplicity to my life and those two gifts are always welcome in my home.

~ Regina

PS – If you are looking for Christmas picture books, Amazon has a good selection…everything from whimsical Jan Brett to thought provoking Max Lucado. Share your favorite in the comments.


About Regina Etter

I’m a daughter of the King, grafted in by grace and trying to walk daily in His truth. I live in Denver with my best friend and hubby where I help others as a Nutritional Cleansing Coach, and we minister together at Mountain States Baptist Church. I’m a homeschooling mom of 4, with two more away at college.

I am not so different from you. There are many things that happen in my life everyday that I have no control over. I can’t determine what will happen, but I can determine how I will think and I how I will act. I choose to take action when I feel like giving up. I choose to make a difference when it doesn’t seem to matter. I choose to love the unlovable. I choose the rough and narrow path, because it strengthens me. I choose to make joy a part of who I am.

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